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How good are you really?

  • Do you have any previous knowledge?
  • What is your language level?

Take our German placement test, Spanish placement test or English placement test online and find out. There are three areas you can test:

You can take the grammar and comprehension test online right away and free of charge. This way you can quickly find out which language level you are at and which NELA level is the right start for you.

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For the language test you book an appointment with a NELA language teacher and afterwards you receive a detailed certificate showing your proficiency according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)”, including all your strengths and weaknesses.

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Sprachlehrer prüft Sprachtest für Spanisch oder Englisch online
Sprachlehrer prüft Sprachtest für Spanisch oder Englisch online


The most common mistake in language learning: misjudgment

Many people underestimate their language skills, in reality they are much better, they just need the confidence to speak. Others overestimate themselves. An honest self-assessment is important. That’s what will help you progress, which is why we offer our students not only a language course, but also language counseling and an analysis of their learning potential. This is where we identify weaknesses, but especially strengths. The rest is up to you. Be brave and we will help you!

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The language levels at a glance

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is used to describe and assess language levels in a standardized way. This reference framework is an internationally recognized standard. It describes in detail the language level from beginner (A1) to native speaker (C2).

I understand familiar words and very simple phrases that refer to myself, my family, or to concrete things around me – provided they are spoken slowly and clearly.

I can communicate in a simple way if the person I am talking to is willing to speak slowly and clearly and helps me to express what I want to say.

I can ask and answer simple questions in everyday situations.

I can understand individual sentences and the most common words if they are important to me – e.g. very simple information about a person, family, shopping, work or the immediate environment. I understand the gist of short, clear, simple messages and announcements.

I can communicate in basic, routine situations involving simple, direct exchanges of information and familiar topics and activities. I can carry on a very brief contact conversation, but usually do not understand enough to keep the conversation going myself.

I can understand the main points when clear standard language is used and when it is about familiar things such as work, school or leisure.

I can understand the main points of many radio or television programs about current events and about topics in my field of work or interest when spoken relatively slowly and clearly.

I can handle most situations encountered while traveling in the relevant language area. I can participate without preparation in conversations on topics that are familiar, of personal interest to me or that relate to everyday topics such as family, hobbies, work, travel or current events.

I can understand longer speeches and lectures and follow more complex arguments if I am reasonably familiar with the subject. On television, I can understand most news programs and current affairs reports. I can understand most feature films, provided standard language is spoken.

I can communicate so spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with a native speaker is quite possible. I can actively participate in a discussion in familiar situations and can justify and defend my views.

I can follow longer speeches even if they are not clearly structured and if connections are not specifically explained. I can understand television programs and feature films without too much effort.

I can express myself spontaneously and fluently without noticeably having to search for words. I can use language effectively and flexibly in social and professional life. I can express my thoughts and opinions accurately and skillfully link my own contributions to those of others.

I have no difficulty whatsoever in understanding spoken language, whether “live” or in the media, and even when spoken quickly. I just need some time to get used to a particular accent.

I can participate effortlessly in all conversations and discussions, and I am also well acquainted with idioms and colloquial expressions. I can speak fluently and express finer nuances of meaning accurately. If I have difficulties expressing myself, I can restart and rephrase so smoothly that it is hardly noticeable.

NELA language courses are all based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each level can be assigned to the relevant CEFR language level. So you always know how far you’ve come in your language learning.

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Mann stellt sein Sprachniveau nach international anerkanntem Standard mit NELA am Tablet fest
Mann stellt sein Sprachniveau nach international anerkanntem Standard mit NELA am Tablet fest


To the language test English, Spanish or German:

Mann stellt sein Sprachniveau nach international anerkanntem Standard mit NELA am Tablet fest

What is your grammar like?

Our free grammar language test guides you through several multiple-choice exercises. At the end, you’ll get an estimate of how good your grammar skills are based on your score. Take the other tests to get a realistic picture of your skills.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Mann macht am Laptop den kostenlosen NELA Online Audio Sprachtest

How well do you understand the language?

Find out how good your listening and reading comprehension is with our free listening and reading language test. Listen to a conversation and read through a text to see how many details you understand and retain. Take the other tests to get a realistic picture of your ability.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Frau macht NELA Sprachtest mit NELA Sprachlehrer

How well do you speak the language?

A multiple-choice test can never tell you how well you really speak a language. Take our online language test with a NELA language teacher. Within 60 minutes of your test, you’ll receive a certificate by email detailing your proficiency according to the CEFR.

Duration: 45 minutes

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How good is your Business English?

Do you speak English on a daily basis for work? Do you write letters and emails to English-speaking business partners and customers? Take our free Business English test and find out how good your business jargon is.

Duration: 10 minutes

How good is my Business English really?


Grammatik ist nicht das Problem, aber du hast Angst vorm Sprechen?

When it comes to grammar, you’re easily at the advanced level, but when it comes to speaking, you feel like a beginner? Many people feel that way. You’re no exception. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. With us, you’ll learn with a personal teacher who will target your weaknesses and fears. You chat a bit every day. Soon your teacher will become less of a teacher and more of a friend. This will lower your inhibitions and give you more confidence. Promise!

Show us your grammar, listening and reading comprehension level by taking the free tests. Even if you are afraid of being placed too high. Your teacher can adjust your level at any time – overnight and for free. The important thing is that you feel in good hands. And we’ll make sure of that!

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motiviert sprachen Online lernen

NELA – die Sprachschule mit APP


NELA – the language school with app

Successfully learning a language online only works if you integrate language learning into your everyday life. That’s what our app is for:

  • have your own learning chat with your personal teacher

  • access your study material anywhere, anytime
  • continue learning before and after your live lessons

The smart combination that accelerates your progress: Live lessons using video conferencing and daily training in your learning chat. Both with your personal teacher and coach. The motivation boost to keep you on track.

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What our customers say:


Mario R.

“Schnell, sehr hilfreich…”


Martina S.

“In wenigen Minuten bekam ich eine gute Einschätzung als Bericht, sehr nett gemacht, worin ich gut bin und wo ich noch Verbesserungsbedarf habe. Top, danke!”


Andreas F.

“Ratzfatz, ich hatte ein Sprachzertifikat”


Daniel R.

“Durch die regelmäßigen Nachrichten wirst du immer wieder daran erinnert, die Sprache zu gebrauchen. Ohne Pflichtgefühl.”


Annemieke G.

“Ich habe in nur 4 Wochen so unglaublich viel gelernt!”


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